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Saratoga Spas

To buy Saratoga spas, hot tubs, replacement filter cartridges, parts and accessories, look no further! Located in New York, Saratoga Spas have been offering the best quality in spas and hot tubs at affordable prices since 1984. There are several lines of hot tub and spa models, including: The Luxury Spa Line (Adelphi, Canfield, Empire, Putnam, Lincoln and Broadway), The Adirondack Spa Line (Keene, Cascade, Champlain, Marcy and Georgian), The Special Edition Spa Line (Caroga, Regent and Saranac) and Geyser Spas. All Saratoga spas and hot tubs have many jets and are efficient and comfortable and come in multiple sizes, colors, shapes and prices.

Saratoga Spa Reviews

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